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2022 Bottle Show

2022 Bottle Show

February 6th at the Waukesha Expo Center

In spite of concerns about Covid that kept some dealers and collectors away, the 2022 Bottle Show was a raging success with well over 400 attendees and 100 sales tables. And those who were there came ready to buy, sell, and trade. Last year's show was canceled, so sellers had more to offer and buyers were eager to add to their collections. Some amazing glass changed hands, and many transactions occurred behind the scenes before items hit the tables or immediately after item landed. Many of us has not seen each other in two years so it was good to renew friendships and catch up.

The outstanding Club display featured Milwaukee wholesale liquor dealer S.C. Herbst items including bottles, jugs, shot glasses, advertising, and stoneware jugs. Henry Hecker, John Steiner and Scott Rizer contributed to the display. 

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2019 Milwaukee Antique Bottle and Advertising Club Show and Sale

2019 Milwaukee Antique Bottle and Advertising Club Show and Sale

47th Annual Show and Sale - Sunday, February 3, 2019

The 2019 Milwaukee Antique Bottle show is history now. The show location was the Waukesha Expo Center which is 30 miles west of Milwaukee. Show chairman Dave Kapsos reported that there were more than 150 dealer sales tables and more than 450 paid admissions. Dealers reported brisk sales and many pieces of rare historic glass and advertising items changed hands.

The show featured a number of exhibits by collectors and several door prizes were awarded.

There were three outstanding presentations. Topics included
- The Waukesha Water Wars by John Schoenknect
- Wisconsin Territorial Merchant Stoneware by Henry Hecker
- The History of Thomas Holmes Girl in the Moon by Linda Hoffman

This show is once per year. The 2020 show show will bey be held on February 2nd in the same location.
Author: Dave Kapsos
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